【Trans】Kyu Jong Handwritten Letter For ThanKYU and Triple S

1 Jun

Source : http://www.kyu-jong.com

Chinese Trans : 巧克力天堂

Eng Trans : @Venice_YS

Pls repost with full credits

Hello , I’m Kyu Jong .

Although has been said , but the time past very fast ! Like just debut but now is already June 2012.

Everyone have their plan ? Is not too late for the plan ! Think about it ~  Fighting ! The reason to write the letter is I’ve plan to start the military service on July , would like to tell every little cutie personally .

Every little cutie’s support always in my heart , only full of good memories really happy . Beacause the blessing by everyone , I’m happy for my 20 generations .

Always imagine saying the same thing , want to give the cutie a great gift later , after 2 years !

Certain to meet with everyone with a better look  , Sure ! Sure ! Sure !

Look forward the time with little cutie on 3 June !

See you on that day ~ Fill with laughter and memory .

Often now like our beatiful memory time , let’s create the beautiful memory on later Thank you ^^ Really full of happiness

The best SS501

JDream Kyu Jong

My handwritting is not good …Please give a lot of understanding


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