[News] Heo Young Saeng tells ‘No Cut News’ what it’s like as a soloist without SS501

10 Jun

SS501‘s Heo Young Saeng recently sat down with ‘No Cut News‘ for an interview discussing not only his “Crying” comeback, but his efforts to make his mark as a soloist after having already reached the top with SS501.

Heo Young Saeng began, “SS501′s music style was completely different to the style that I had wanted so it wasn’t as difficult as I thought to shed the group colors out of my music. Although it’s my second album now, I tried to put out music that I personally wanted.”

He participated in the album’s overall production starting from the planning to the final concepts. Not only did he personally collect each song included in the album, but was also involved with the production and lyric writing process as well. Although he wanted to go with “Intimidated” as his title track, he ended up picking the medium pop R&B track “Crying”.

“I deliberated over the two for a long while, but I just chose ‘Crying’ as the title track because I liked the melody. I think my one year long hiatus played a large part because my last album was melody-centered and I felt that the change would be too big if I came out with such transformation with ‘Intimidated’ the following year. I tried not to be stubborn with it since a lot of people said they liked ‘Crying’ better as well (laughter).”

As he felt that he could’ve improved the performance aspect of his promotions last time, he focused on just that with “Crying”, jumping and shouting right along with the crowd.

On the prospect of a concert, he continued, “When I was promoting with SS501, I stood before a larger crowd on a larger stage. Now that I know that the numbers have decreased, I can’t just go ahead and plan one. I also don’t have much solo tracks yet (laughter). I want to release more albums and build myself up more.”

Concluding the interview, he stated, “Someone told me that if you’re not able to come out from the past, you’ll never be able to stand on your own. That you need to throw away your previous feelings and start over as if you’re making a new start. Fortunately, I was able to let go of all of that quickly. Although there are disappointing aspects, I feel more satisfied with having my opinions reflected in my music. I won’t focus on the past and instead fulfill myself.”


Via allkpop 

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