【TRANS】Kyu Jong’s Conversation Before Enlisted

24 Jul

Trans By @Venice_YS

Pls repost with proper credit 

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ 

Kyu Jong : 

Can everyone hear it ? (Fans : Yes ~ )

Time gone fast right ? 

First … (To fans) Why need to cry ? (Laugh) 

I just go first , other members after will also .

We have met for 7 ~ 8 years !

Just think 2 years will past very fast ~ I’ll be right back  .

My members also come here to support me . 


(Young Saeng & Hyung Jun come out)


(Point at the members) They will also in later . keke 


(Private message with Young Saeng , want him to lead everone to say hello )


Young Saeng : Hello everyone ! We are SS501 ! 

Kyu Jong : 

But , compare with me , the members’ mood are more odd than me …

The members also will strive for their activity when I’m in the military service , please give more support !

The weather is so hot , thanks for everone to come here . 

I will take a good back (Gonna go in now) ! Thank you everyone ! 

Young Saeng : These are SS501 ! Thank you everyone ! 





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