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【TRANS】Kyu Jong’s Conversation Before Enlisted

24 Jul

Trans By @Venice_YS

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~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ 

Kyu Jong : 

Can everyone hear it ? (Fans : Yes ~ )

Time gone fast right ? 

First … (To fans) Why need to cry ? (Laugh) 

I just go first , other members after will also .

We have met for 7 ~ 8 years !

Just think 2 years will past very fast ~ I’ll be right back  .

My members also come here to support me . 


(Young Saeng & Hyung Jun come out)


(Point at the members) They will also in later . keke 


(Private message with Young Saeng , want him to lead everone to say hello )


Young Saeng : Hello everyone ! We are SS501 ! 

Kyu Jong : 

But , compare with me , the members’ mood are more odd than me …

The members also will strive for their activity when I’m in the military service , please give more support !

The weather is so hot , thanks for everone to come here . 

I will take a good back (Gonna go in now) ! Thank you everyone ! 

Young Saeng : These are SS501 ! Thank you everyone ! 





【Trans】Kyu Jong Handwritten Letter For ThanKYU and Triple S

1 Jun

Source :

Chinese Trans : 巧克力天堂

Eng Trans : @Venice_YS

Pls repost with full credits

Hello , I’m Kyu Jong .

Although has been said , but the time past very fast ! Like just debut but now is already June 2012.

Everyone have their plan ? Is not too late for the plan ! Think about it ~  Fighting ! The reason to write the letter is I’ve plan to start the military service on July , would like to tell every little cutie personally .

Every little cutie’s support always in my heart , only full of good memories really happy . Beacause the blessing by everyone , I’m happy for my 20 generations .

Always imagine saying the same thing , want to give the cutie a great gift later , after 2 years !

Certain to meet with everyone with a better look  , Sure ! Sure ! Sure !

Look forward the time with little cutie on 3 June !

See you on that day ~ Fill with laughter and memory .

Often now like our beatiful memory time , let’s create the beautiful memory on later Thank you ^^ Really full of happiness

The best SS501

JDream Kyu Jong

My handwritting is not good …Please give a lot of understanding


[Trans] Heo Young Saeng Will Embark Into Japan… New Album in August… Solo Concert In September

29 May

Chinese Trans: 王小卯0317 @ HYS Baidu Bar
Eng Trans: cllslam10 @StylishHYS

Pls repost with credits

SS501 Heo Young Saeng will be embarking into Japan in August this year.

A representative from the company which Heo Young Saeng belongs to told nocutnews during an interview, “Recently after releasing his 2nd solo mini-album, Heo Young Saeng will be releasing his Japanese album in August and will be holding a solo concert during September this year.” Ever since after venturing out solo, this is the 1st time he is embarking into overseas.

The representative stated that they planned to have Heo Young Saeng’s newly release Japanese album to contain 10 tracks. Among all the solo songs which Heo Young Saeng has released in the domestic market, they will be choosing 2~3 songs to be re-recorded in Japanese version. Other than that, they are planning a different diversified music styles for the remaining songs.

Prior to this, despite the numerous invitations from overseas, Heo Young Saeng will only consider after he has fully prepare, only then will he meet up with his overseas fans, thus he kept delaying his overseas activities. He is very apologetic to the fans expectations for this year,but being a solo singer, firstly he wants to determine whether he possess a strong personal style.

Currently Heo Young Saeng still have his inadequencies, although having this thoughts, after releasing 2 solo albums in the domestic market, going thru 2 years, he can’t possibly reject the invitation from his Japanese fans. Thus he decided to hold a solo concert in Japan during September, showcasing his different style, preparing his new album.

Recently, Heo Young Saeng accepted an interview, he said, “In actual fact after releasing my 1st solo album last year, I did have the intentions to meet with my overseas fans, but there are only so few of my solo songs, with this unprepared circumstances, I really can’t meet up with them. To repay the love that I receive from them, by holding an unprepared concert to earn money, I will feel very guilty. Thus I wanna confirm that I am fully prepared before standing on the stage showcasing my music.”

He continued, “Of course I am worried that the fans will leave, but I still want to stand on the stage impressively.” He also said, “Holding a concert in Japan after releasing my Japanese album, having this idea of carrying this 2 tasks, showcasing more stuff, having a great time, hoping to create the kind of stage where the main theme is music. Wanting to show an enriching music stage.”
On the other hand, Heo Young Saeng has released his 2nd mini-album “Solo” on 22 May. This time round, this album revolves on the artiste Heo Young Saeng himself, searching for his own personal music style and the growing stages, album concepts, planning, forming, lyrics compositions etc which he personally gets involved in. There are a total of 5 tracks in the album which included the title track “Crying”.

[Trans] Heo Young Saeng Mini-Album “SOLO” Released

24 May

Source: Daily Focus
Chinese: 王小卯 @HYS Baidu Bar
Eng Trans: cllslam10 @StylishHYS
Pls repost with credits


Singer Heo Young Saeng released his mini-album “SOLO” on 22 May and also announced his comeback schedule at the same time.
This time the album consists of the title track ‘CRYING’ and it also contains the rock genre of‘INTIMIDATED’, the soft rock genre of ‘MARIA’ etc… different diversity of the music styles among the 5 tracks in the album.
It is reported that, this is the 1st time Heo Young Saeng is challenging medium R&B genre for the title track ‘CRYING’, he even took part in composing the lyrics.
On the other hand, Heo Young Saeng will be having his 1st comeback stage on KBS Music Back on 1 Jun.

[Trans] Heo Young Saeng “CRYING” Comeback, Twitter “This Time Round Personnally Co-Produced”

24 May

Source: Snstree
Chinese Trans: 王小卯 @HYS Baidu Bar
Eng Trans: cllslam10@StylishHYS
Pls repost with credits


[CBC news = social news] At 22 May 12am KST, Heo Young Saeng released his title track‘CRYING’ thru the various audio streaming site which is rather popular.

This time the mini-album consists of 4 tracks and also the title track ‘CRYING’ instrumental version, which contains a total 5 tracks of different music styles emphasizing the diversity of this album.

Title track ‘CRYING’ has been released, thru all the major audio streaming sites, increasing the ranking in the search portal.

Heo Young Saeng also tweeted on his twitter “Crying!!! I’m Comeback!!!” announcing his solo comeback after 1 year.

On 22 May, there were more than 2882 text mentioning “HEO YOUNG SAENG”.

Text that mentioned “HEO YOUNG SAENG” are:

“[Heo Young Saeng] 1st Comeback on 31 May Mnet Countdown was cancelled due to an overseas broadcast and his 1st comeback will be on 1 Jun Music Bank. (RT: 86 times)

“[News Update] Heo Young Saeng ranked the No.1 for the most searched person on Daum.

“Heo Young Saeng really knows how to choose songs… unfortunately this lead vocalist is being under-estimated… Everyone please listen to Heo Young Saeng’s ‘MARIA’.”

“Kekeke… this is better than LET IT GO thousand times isnt it? It is not that I dont like LET IT GO… Heo Young Saeng got co-produced, kekeke~ song melody is really great, dance is a bit funny… kekekekeke”

“Woah!!! Heo Young Saeng album DAEBAK!!! This time must really get 1st placing!!!! ><other comments etc…

[Trans] Heo Young Saeng ” Try Diverse Experience , Write Sad Parting Lyrics “

24 May

Source :  Sports Korea

Chinese Trans : 王小卯0317  @ HYS Bar

Eng Trans : @Venice_YS

Pls repost with full credits 

After a year , Heo Young Saeng who make his comeback with [SOLO] will coordinate his fans name and make his comeback stage on 1 June . Through the title song ‘ Crying ‘  throw the old idol singing voice ,  find his own ‘ Music Characteristic ‘ .

” When the 1st solo album activities ended on last year , I did’t thought will take for so long apart to comeback again , for the fans , the last interview is on last fall , now is going to autumm . “

Heo Young Saeng , the group member of  SS501 unknowingly second emerged alone  , after a year comeback with his [SOLO] Mini Album . The comeback stage on 1 June ” Coincides with the date of the return of SS601 (SS501 fans name) ” he smiled and said it . Talk about the melodious of [SOLO] and frankly idea for the recent songs sector , the reporters listened to Heo Young Saeng talking .

”  ‘ You did a hard work .’  Wanna listen all this words on recently .  There is a very unjust situation when ‘ Let It Go ‘ activities .  Music program’s PD even the company president  ‘ Why your dance just like that  ? ‘ Listened all this words for many time . Actually , the choreography is not complicated , plus that I’m the type that don’t like sweating  . (Laugh) Eventhough i make the full effort to dance , but seems like not exertion , therefore , it make me very sad . ” 

Heo Young Saeng showed a heart wounded look when the interview start . Like endless complaints . He explained the past of ” Unfortunately ” and  “Will fill it up ” in the future .  In fact , he is being hardworking for the  [SOLO] activities .

” At first , the dance step is relatively large . (Laugh) The serious efforts of the impression maybe able to be recognized . I wrote the lyrics for the title song ‘ Crying ‘ , want to give a certain sense inside .  Performed the hearts of men very unwilling parting , probably the majority of men will not agree with , but the heart is still looking forward something . “

‘ Although I can do nothing , but you still can’t comeback ? ‘  “Although the lyrics is not the handsome perform , ordinary feeling was more suitable for my thoughts . ” Would also like to return the past when walking on the street  . When listened those lyrics , the memory of the usual live together will back to mind . “

” Imagine the maximize grief while writting the lyrics  and drink shochu at home . This also one of the diverse experience to let me try . (Laugh) If you poured a glass of shochu when writting the first section , then , when writting the last section , you will able to feel the kind of taste .  Integration my such an extent heart , been confidence for this song .” 

Heo Young Saeng love ‘ Crying ‘ so much , not only write the lyrics by himself , Heo Young Saeng’s will  referring to song ‘ Crying ‘ to open the [SOLO]  album . Choose ‘ Crying ‘ as the title song , behind also contain many stories .

” Originally want to choose the first song as the title song , considered to changing the image . Devoted a lot off effort for the sound , the overall style and the dance also very close . Has been listen , feel like return to the previous Idol group member Heo Young Saeng image . Seems like it not the Heo Young Seang’s voice that the fans looking forward . So , change ‘ Crying ‘ as the title song , seize the concept of capable men , further added the inner low feeling .  “

Regardless the [SOLO] album sales or  ‘ Crying ‘ ranking at the music programme or others result are not out , but Heo Young Saeng’s judgment seems justified . Many new idol groups debut in a month , every week also got idol group comeback , if Heo Young Saeng don’t have his own characteristics , maybe he’ll be buried .

” ‘ I’m confident ‘ speaking like this to increase self confidence , but recently it has some different . The age of idol singer is getting younger , strength also growing , when we debut , can understand the mood of GOD & SHINHWA sunbae . ‘ Need to work more hard ‘ only can listen this idea . I no need to as handsome as the younger friend right ?  (Laugh) I just need to play my strengths . I’m the singer debut for seven years  , fans have traveled together a long time has strong feelings . ” 

[Trans] Young Saeng “Crying” MV Behind The Scene

23 May

Souce : Mnet

Trans By @Venice_YS