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【TRANS】Kyu Jong’s Conversation Before Enlisted

24 Jul

Trans By @Venice_YS

Pls repost with proper credit 

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ 

Kyu Jong : 

Can everyone hear it ? (Fans : Yes ~ )

Time gone fast right ? 

First … (To fans) Why need to cry ? (Laugh) 

I just go first , other members after will also .

We have met for 7 ~ 8 years !

Just think 2 years will past very fast ~ I’ll be right back  .

My members also come here to support me . 


(Young Saeng & Hyung Jun come out)


(Point at the members) They will also in later . keke 


(Private message with Young Saeng , want him to lead everone to say hello )


Young Saeng : Hello everyone ! We are SS501 ! 

Kyu Jong : 

But , compare with me , the members’ mood are more odd than me …

The members also will strive for their activity when I’m in the military service , please give more support !

The weather is so hot , thanks for everone to come here . 

I will take a good back (Gonna go in now) ! Thank you everyone ! 

Young Saeng : These are SS501 ! Thank you everyone ! 





[Info] SS501’s Members Schedule For April

13 Apr

Kim Hyun Joong

Apr 14 – MBC Special ‘Kpop Star Bewitches The World – Lucky Guy Kim Hyun Joong’ Broadcast at 12:20am KST
Apr 19 – CenterPole’s exhibition of new Swiss-trekking-themed products (Fashion Show) w/ Kang So Ra (Time: TBA)
Apr 26 – DATV Japan Jan 2012 Debut BTS at 9:30pm KST

Kim Kyu Jong

Apr 4 – Japan Poster Shooting (Time: TBA)
Apr 7 – Saving Madam Go Bong Shil Ep.33 (TV Chosun) at 6:50pm KST
Apr 8 – Saving Madam Go Bong Shil Ep.34 (TV Chosun) at 6:50pm KST
Apr 13 – Sticker Event (Time: TBA)

Heo Young Saeng

Apr 2-6 – I Need A Fairy at 7:45pm KST
Apr 9-13 – I Need A Fairy at 7:45pm KST

Kim Hyung Jun 

Apr 6 – 2012 First Story in Japan Concert
Apr 7 – 2012 First Story in Japan Concert
Apr 14 – Music High 3rd Anniversary
Apr 13 – [Press Conference] SBS Plus Drama ‘I Love You’ at 11am KST
Apr 16 – SBS Plus Drama ‘I Love You’ Ep.01 at 9:00pm KST
Apr 17 – SBS Plus Drama ‘I Love You’ Ep.02 at 9:00pm KST
Apr 23 – SBS Plus Drama ‘I Love You’ Ep.03 at 9:00pm KST
Apr 24 – SBS Plus Drama ‘I Love You’ Ep.04 at 9:00pm KST

Park Jung Min 

Apr 14 – 8th Asian Heartbeat 2012


[Video] SS501’s KyuSaengJun in B2M’s CEO Wedding [Combined Fancams]

5 Apr

[News] SS501 members reunite at wedding of B2M Entertainment CEO Gil Jong Hwa

4 Apr

B2M Entertainment CEO Gil Jong Hwa‘s wedding photos have been revealed online.

The reception photos from the wedding which took place on April 3rd at the Renaissance Hotel in Seoul were shared via SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun‘s fan page, ‘Pretty Boy‘.

Gil Jong Hwa was also previously the manager of old-school idol group Fin.K.L, and former memberLee Hyori served as the MC of the wedding, while Ock Joo Hyun sang for the new married couple.

Also in attendance were KARA‘s Han SeungyeonGoo HaraNicole, and Park GyuriRainbow‘sKim Jae KyungOh Seung AhGo WooriNoelJung Yoon HaeKim JisookCho Hyung Young,SPICA, as well as SS501 members Heo Young SaengKim Hyun Joong, Kim Hyung Jun, and Kim Kyu Jong.

Netizens who came across the photos remarked, “So many celebrities at this wedding,” “He knows so many people,” and “Good to see SS501 together again.”


[Eng Trans] SS501’s Members Message To Each Other

26 Mar

Hyun Joong To Young Saeng

Young Saeng , no matter how hungry or tired you are, please do not give up!

Let’s become a more devoted person, we can become the best! Aja aja hwaiting!

Until we’ve become the world best let’s work hard as a singer.

I believe we will definitely pursue this dream someday.

(credit: @Yeol0827Lee for typing out the original message ^^ 고마워요!)


Young Saeng To Kyu Jong 

Hi! It’s me, your hyung~ ㅋ

Hope to become a person who’s always sincerely working hard like you~

We’ve overcome many challenges throughout this few years to become who we are now

So don’t ever give up on our success now!! ^^

In the future, take care & let’s challenge whatever that’s gonna fall upon us!! ^^ ㅋㅋ


Kyu Jong To Jung Min

The sexiest man in South Korea, our beloved Min ah~

After we’ve come to Japan you’ve worked hard to improve Japanese and always work hard no matter what

Really thank you~ All of us including me will too, work hard~!!

So, don’t fall sick!! Stay healthy always!!

Jung Min To Hyung Jun

Hi? I’m Jungmin!!

Thank you for always working so hard for SS501~

Let us all work hard together in the future!! Together!


And. No matter what happens, let’s face the challenge!


And SS501 mansae!

Hyung Jun To Hyun Joong

Hope we can become more hardworking in the future~!

We SS501 will stay forever as 5 together

So let’s work hard together as 5 to become the best~

Wish for our success in Japan!!



Trans By @5StarsAs1

[Trans] Hyung Jun’s Letter For Hyun Joong

26 Mar


To: Hyun Joong Hyung you always show your work to us we will do together SS501 simpre also work hard, our 5 menbers we are the best
We will be in Japan also Daebak
Ahahahah ~ ~ ~

SS501 in HyungJun

[CHART] 93 Most Popular Korean Idols

25 Mar

#14 Heo Young Saeng 허영생

#15 Kim Hyun Joong 김현중

#34 Kim Kyu Jong 김규종

#39 Park Jung Min 박정민

#44 Park Jung Min 박정민


* Don’t know why Jung Min mentioned twice ^o^