【TRANS】Kyu Jong’s Conversation Before Enlisted

24 Jul

Trans By @Venice_YS

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Kyu Jong : 

Can everyone hear it ? (Fans : Yes ~ )

Time gone fast right ? 

First … (To fans) Why need to cry ? (Laugh) 

I just go first , other members after will also .

We have met for 7 ~ 8 years !

Just think 2 years will past very fast ~ I’ll be right back  .

My members also come here to support me . 


(Young Saeng & Hyung Jun come out)


(Point at the members) They will also in later . keke 


(Private message with Young Saeng , want him to lead everone to say hello )


Young Saeng : Hello everyone ! We are SS501 ! 

Kyu Jong : 

But , compare with me , the members’ mood are more odd than me …

The members also will strive for their activity when I’m in the military service , please give more support !

The weather is so hot , thanks for everone to come here . 

I will take a good back (Gonna go in now) ! Thank you everyone ! 

Young Saeng : These are SS501 ! Thank you everyone ! 





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[Interview] My Heart Is Indifferent… Heo Young Saeng Hurts In Love

11 Jun

Source: fnn.co.kr

Chinese Trans: ForeverYS

Eng Trans: cllslam10@StylishHYS

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After a lapse of a year the release of his solo album “SOLO”, showing realistic experience in his title track “CRYING”, different variations in singing, filling up this album.


After a lapse of a year releasing his 1st solo album “LET IT GO”, time unknowingly pass by, venturing out solo from the idol group SS501, there are endless exploring of his personal style, from musical, drama etc, wanting to challenge different variety of areas, accumulating different experience. Now returning back to the familiarity of a “Solo Singer”. Thus the 2nd ablum is titled “SOLO” in such a way. Heo Young Saeng is back with his 2nd mini album“SOLO”.


Previously he thought of using this as a theme. Regarding love, he did not really know much, but still he wants to talk about this story in his “SOLO” album. Thus the songs in his “SOLO”album are mostly about separation. Of course this also includes the positive meaning of him coming out from a group to having individual activities.


Unlike most albums in general, he really puts in a lot of effort into this album. The concept of the album, planning etc all the production he is also involved in, from the collections of the album song, composing, recording, there is nothing that he is not involved in. Thus his nameas the co-producer has appear in the album.


“Truthfully, I did participate in the production for my last album. But, my proposal and views for the title track was not being chosen. For this current album I participated in the lyrics composition for the title track.”


Title track “Crying” is a mid-tempo R&B song, which tells the inner feelings of a guy who has left. It reflect Heo Young Saeng’s experience.


“I totally couldnt come out with the lyrics if I entirely using my imagination. Although I am not in a relationship now, but I was hurt badly before. I used my true feeling to go near the girl who knows my heart yet she make used/fun of me. I suffered a huge trauma after knowing it.”


This album is to reflect this objective tendency. Other than the title track “Crying” the other 3 songs are also added with rock elements. Especially the competitor for the title track between “Crying” and “Intimidated”, the latter has a more prominent of the powerful melody of the electric guitarand and a strong back singers which you can get a glimpse of.


“Orginally I wanna make a fusion of rock and pop music style. But, after listening to the moving melody of “Crying” at the same time, the title track thus beame an R&B song. Every song has many different method of singing, even though there is no way for this album to be according to the original intent, although there is only 1 singer in this album, but it gives a feel that there are many singers in this album.”


The schedules for his album activities are very hectic and tight. KBS2TV daily sitcom “Sent From Heaven” filming is still continuing, the release for his Jap album in September and his 1st solo concert is on-going on planning stage. He has already began to put in the recording operations, revealing that the concert will be like a band concept. But, unfortunately due to all this, he has to missed to particpate in the musical “JACK THE RIPPER”.


“I wanna try what my sunbaes has said the role of a person with split personality, ‘JACK THE RIPPER’ to me may be a huge help but I have to forgo it. I realised that while acting, I will be learning new things at the same time, which I am very happy to be progressing. This is also the 1st time which I have this kind of feeling, I think that I will be more serious in the future to do all these.”


This time he hides his face…


During his last mini album, he used sunglasses to hide his face. This time round, he used part of his fringe to hide 1 of his eyes. On 1st look at the album packaging photos wondering why he wants to hide his face.


“I will often take note of my facial expressions. If gonna exposed my face, I have to put in more effort in my facial expressions. In order to lessen the effort on that area, I decide to hide part of my face, and to change my hairstyle during the promotional activities. The concept is to show stylish man with clothing and hairstyle all combine into one, not rigidly but showing different kind of images. Thus the cover and MV will cover them up.”

[News] Heo Young Saeng tells ‘No Cut News’ what it’s like as a soloist without SS501

10 Jun

SS501‘s Heo Young Saeng recently sat down with ‘No Cut News‘ for an interview discussing not only his “Crying” comeback, but his efforts to make his mark as a soloist after having already reached the top with SS501.

Heo Young Saeng began, “SS501′s music style was completely different to the style that I had wanted so it wasn’t as difficult as I thought to shed the group colors out of my music. Although it’s my second album now, I tried to put out music that I personally wanted.”

He participated in the album’s overall production starting from the planning to the final concepts. Not only did he personally collect each song included in the album, but was also involved with the production and lyric writing process as well. Although he wanted to go with “Intimidated” as his title track, he ended up picking the medium pop R&B track “Crying”.

“I deliberated over the two for a long while, but I just chose ‘Crying’ as the title track because I liked the melody. I think my one year long hiatus played a large part because my last album was melody-centered and I felt that the change would be too big if I came out with such transformation with ‘Intimidated’ the following year. I tried not to be stubborn with it since a lot of people said they liked ‘Crying’ better as well (laughter).”

As he felt that he could’ve improved the performance aspect of his promotions last time, he focused on just that with “Crying”, jumping and shouting right along with the crowd.

On the prospect of a concert, he continued, “When I was promoting with SS501, I stood before a larger crowd on a larger stage. Now that I know that the numbers have decreased, I can’t just go ahead and plan one. I also don’t have much solo tracks yet (laughter). I want to release more albums and build myself up more.”

Concluding the interview, he stated, “Someone told me that if you’re not able to come out from the past, you’ll never be able to stand on your own. That you need to throw away your previous feelings and start over as if you’re making a new start. Fortunately, I was able to let go of all of that quickly. Although there are disappointing aspects, I feel more satisfied with having my opinions reflected in my music. I won’t focus on the past and instead fulfill myself.”


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